Threat Assessment for Schools

School Threat AssessmentOur free Threat Assessment for K-12 Schools webinar is now available for viewing.


The best preparation for a tragedy is the prevention of it. Learn how to successfully identify threats, and to differentiate a true threat from an idle one. Join our free webinar and learn:

*How Threat Assessments reduce the chance of violence in our schools
*How to classify threats
*How to tap the knowledge of the first line of defense for school safety, your student body
*What experiences and behaviors lead to a violent act
*How to uncover facts to indicate whether the threat is likely to be carried out
*What to do in response to a true threat

Guest Speaker:
Gary Sigrist, Jr. (pictured above): VP of Impact America and a 30-yr veteran of the 20,000-student South-Western City School District in Columbus, OH. During his 30-year history with SWCS, Gary experienced virtually every form of school emergency, lockdown and crisis.


Learn more about school threat assessment by viewing our webinar.