Benefits to Administrators

SchoolReach offers something for everyone! Whether you are a superintendent, principal, technology director, or communications director, SchoolReach delivers the communication tools you need in the package you want. Our solution is so easy to implement and learn, you could quite literally be using SchoolReach tomorrow.

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Here's a list of the Top 10 uses for our Parent Notification System

1. Integrate your communication efforts

For parent announcements that include extensive explanation, post a flyer or note about the event online. Follow up with a SchoolReach call with basic but exciting information, and then ask parents to check out the details on your district website.

2. Launch calls at the classroom or program level whenever possible

Maximize your voice broadcast system's effectiveness by making it as personal as possible. A call from the Principal is more effective than a call from the Central Office, and a call from the teacher is more effective than a call from the Principal.

3. Optimum call delivery window: 1-3 days

Voice broadcast calls are most effective when delivered within 1 to 3 days of an event or need. Obviously, for emergencies and urgent notices, same day delivery is needed. But, for general announcements and reminders, it is best to call within 3 days of the target date.

4. Make a good impression

Always use customer-friendly language and an expressive voice when recording messages for SchoolReach. It is even more effective if you smile while you are talking! Children are our business, and it is important to share our excitement and passion for our work.

5. Be the first to report

Never let the media or other entities be the first source of news for parents. Whether it is good or bad, make sure they hear it from you first. A parent notification system allows you to quickly contact parents with information they need and want to know. You can offer them the facts - in your voice and your words. Do not miss this opportunity to build trust and to promote transparency!

6. Always offer more than is expected

No matter how well and often we communicate with parents, they will always have specific questions that need to be addressed. At the conclusion of written notes and phone messages, provide information about how they can learn more about the topic or about your school district in general. Let them know you are here to help. Promote open doors and open lines of communication. Your public will appreciate it.

7. Convert print to email and/or voice

Utilize the email broadcast feature of SchoolReach to send information to parents such as notices, newsletters, and reminders. Before you print and pay postage, consider if an email or an email combined with a voice alert will accomplish what you need. The savings in dollars and time are astounding.

8. Automate unexcused absentee alerts

Manually calling parents to notify them of unexcused absences is a repetitive and tedious task that can be fully automated using SchoolReach. Free up your office staff, allowing them to work with more important matters. Parents love the process, students not so much!

9. Utilize SchoolReach to help with collections

A timely reminder sent by phone broadcast to alert parents of lunch debt, late tuition payments, late book rental fees, and other monies owed the school can dramatically increase and speed up collection rates. SchoolReach can take the data exported from your lunch or tuition management system and actually help prevent negative balances before they occur!

10. Avoid phone SPAM

While many uses are suggested above, too much of a good thing can be a negative, so avoid over-use for unnecessary matters.