Easy SIS Integration

EZ Data SyncOne of the first questions school administrators ask is, "Will SchoolReach work with my SIS system?"

The answer is yes! The SchoolReach system offers several levels of SIS data integration, with EZ Data Sync as our flagship integration solution. Other forms of data integration include: manual entry, "browse and upload" of .txt, CSV or Excel files, as well as, FTP, ODBC, SOAP and other "web service" driven integrations. Using these tools, SchoolReach can integrate with hundreds of popular school information systems.

EZ Data Sync. EZ Data Sync creates a seamless daily update cycle between a school information system (SIS) and a SchoolReach account. Your SIS system must support scheduled queries with local network output to .txt, CSV or Excel format to optimize the EZ Data Sync process.

No special programming skills are required and data columns need not be in any special order.

Load Data From Multiple Sources. EZ Data Sync can also load data from multiple sources on different schedules. For example, you can easily produce daily absentee calls, weekly lunch balance calls, monthly tuition reminders and quarterly immunization calls. The process is automatic, which frees your staff to work with students and not chase down their parents.

Trigger Automatic Broadcasts. EZ Data Sync puts your data into action triggering automatic update cycles and enables launching automatic broadcasts based on events, conditions and or exports flowing out of the SIS system. Visit the EZ Attendance and EZ Lunch Balance sections to the left to review examples of this powerful, time saving feature.

GeoTrustSecure Data Transfer. Data and system security are secured by means of 2048-bit GeoTrust SSL encryption. This process converts the data stream into a coded stream that is secure and illegible to outside parties.