Features and Tools

Our school notification solutions meet the needs of schools large and small.

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  • Photo depicting school administrators who are enjoying the many features and tools that SchoolReach has to offer.
  • Mobile Launch Apps - Our free smartphone app for school administrators enables you to launch SchoolReach broadcasts directly from your iPhone or Android phone. Our free parent app allows parents to easily update their contact information from their iPhone or Android phone.
  • Parent Apps - Parents can find everything they need to know about SchoolReach here.
  • Easy SIS Integration - Our EZ Data Sync solution creates a seamless daily update cycle between your school information system and SchoolReach. Included with all SchoolReach purchases.
  • Multiple Language Support - SchoolReach can help you send parent notifications in more than 30 different languages. Learn more about our translation technology, which is included with all SchoolReach purchases.
  • Number Tracker - Improve the quality of your parent phone number data and boost message delivery rates with this innovative technology from SchoolReach. Included on all SchoolReach accounts.
  • Social Media Integration - SchoolReach integrates with Facebook and Twitter so your broadcasts can be automatically sent out to your social media profiles. Social media integration is included with all SchoolReach purchases.
  • Real-Time Reporting - See how your broadcast is reaching people with our real-time reports. Included with all SchoolReach purchases.
  • Support and Training - SchoolReach’s client service team will get you up to speed on SchoolReach quickly. Ask us any question at any time—we’re here to help!
  • Poll and Survey Software - Our EZ Polls and Surveys solution enables you to easily collect feedback from parents, staff and community members on important issues.