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    Lunch Balance Notification

    Make student lunch debt collections easy!

    Graph displaying reductions in negative student lunch account balances thanks to implementation of the lunch balance notification solution from SchoolReach.There's no such thing as a free lunch...unless your school or district ends up carrying negative lunch account balances beyond the year's end. Our research shows that negative lunch balances can result in tens of thousands of dollars in additional district expenses.

    The solution? EZ Lunch Balance is a lunch balance notification solution that automatically calls parents when a student lunch account balance goes negative or hits a threshold amount. Simply configure the EZ Lunch Balance Alert system to load your negative account file on a routine basis and let our process take over. The file upload triggers an automatic call to parents in which they will hear a message from the school office containing their student's name and the financial amount owed.

    Why lunch balance notification works. Most cafeteria management systems track lunch balances and send reminders to parents via email. Most parents receive their emails at work where due to the demands of stress, work life, and mail-box clutter, many parents simply fail to remember to take care of the matter when they get home. EZ Lunch Balance alerts arrive by phone and reach the parents while at home, typically in the evening when they have the time and ability to write a check or log-on to a cafeteria payment system to make a payment. The results are phenomenal and will save your school or district time and money.

    Case study. When McLean County School District in Illinois began using SchoolReach EZ Lunch there were hundreds of students each month with negative lunch balances. After implementing EZ Lunch the average monthly delinquency rate dropped to 20, over a 90% reduction. Fill out the form below to download our informative case study and see how they achieved these results.

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