Language Translation

Every parent deserves to know what is happening at their child’s school, no matter what language they speak. That’s why SchoolReach offers school leaders the ability to translate their parent notifications into multiple languages.

With our translation technology, you can:

  • Automatically create text to speech messages with male or female voices
  • Combine voice recordings and text to speech messages to send notifications in up to nine languages at a time
  • Send written notifications in more than 30 languages

What’s more, our translation technology is available for free to every SchoolReach client. All you need to do is login to SchoolReach to access these features.

Easily Create Messages in Multiple Languages

There are several ways to create notifications in multiple languages with SchoolReach:

  • Voice messages recorded by native speakers. Staff members who are fluent in multiple languages can record voice messages in different languages, and you can broadcast them out just as you would with any other SchoolReach message.
  • Text to speech messages. Our robust translation technology can take messages written in English, translate the text, and then electronically create voice messages in four different languages that can be broadcast out to parents. (Voice recordings in other languages can be added onto a broadcast, giving you the option of sending notifications in up to nine different languages at once.)
  • Translated emails and text messages. Send written notifications out to parents in more than 30 different languages with the help of our translation technology.

Send Multiple Language Broadcasts Quickly and Simply

Broadcasting in multiple languages couldn't be easier with SchoolReach. Simply create messages in the languages you need and let our powerful system route them to the right parents. No matter how diverse your school community is, our patented technology can help your messages get through to parents!

Click here to request more info on our language translation features, or call 1-800-420-1479.