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    Parent Surveys and Polling Software

    Gathering feedback from parents can be a challenging task. Sometimes information needs are simple, such as an RSVP, but in other cases districts need more complex community feedback, like asking opinions on proposed bond issues, changes to school policy or follow-up thoughts to an important meeting.

    Until now collecting parent feedback was a time consuming task accomplished by mailed forms, manual phone calls, committee meetings, or emailed electronic surveys. These methods are expensive, time consuming, have a long lead time, and still produce low community response.

    No more! With EZ Poll and EZ Survey from SchoolReach you have an immediate, low cost, easy means of collecting data and getting a finger on the pulse of your community with the following added benefits:

    • EZ SurveyEasy to launch polls and surveys - Just record questions and launch to your target list.
    • Immediate reach - all respondents are called instantly.
    • High response rate - more parents respond in less time, with less effort on their part.
    • Immediate real-time feedback - as soon as respondents answer questions, the data is available for review
    • Exportable feedback - a few clicks and the responses can be imported to your PC.

    EZ Poll

    EZ Poll is designed to collect information on a single question; perfect for collecting RSVP's or preference information. EZ Poll allows the sender to record a question and collect a "press 1 or 2" response - perfect for yes/no or option A or B response.

    Here is a sample Yes/No EZ Poll Question: "Are you planning on attending tonight's Internet Safety seminar? Press 1 for yes or 2 for no."

    Here is a sample A/B EZ Poll: "For the special school luncheon, we are offering two entrée choices. To help with menu prep, please press 1 if you prefer the baked chicken entrée or press 2 if you prefer the grilled chicken salad."

    EZ Survey

    EZ Survey is designed for collecting more detailed responses using the respondent's touch tone keys allowing multiple questions with 0-9 as the touch tone response. An EZ Survey "wizard" walks the user though the step-by-step recording process allowing you to record a greeting, survey intro, individual questions, and a wrap-up or exit message. When completed, the survey is fully functional and ready to launch.

    Here is a sample EZ Survey: Hello. The school office would like to collect your feedback on last night's Internet safety seminar. On a scale of 1-5, using your touch tone keys, and with 5 being very satisfied and 1 not very satisfied, please rate your overall satisfaction with the event. [entry] Did you feel that the take home materials were easy to understand? Press 1 for yes or 2 for no. [entry]