Professional Development

Professional Development

SchoolReach offers an unmatched slate of professional development webinars and reports. To conduct in-person workshops or trainings with all of the leading experts we feature in our Professional Development Series, you'd have to spend tens of thousands of dollars every year. Learn more about all of the great content we have available.

Most Popular Reports

  • The State of School Safety in America
    School administrators from across the country told us how prepared their schools are to respond to safety threats. Download this special report and benchmark your school against your peers.
  • The Top 7 Record-Breaking Bullying Lawsuits
    With this special report, school administrators can learn what they need to know about the hot topic of bullying lawsuits. Download our special report and read about how administrator mistakes caused schools to lose millions of dollars in court.
  • Parent Communication and Beyond
    This free guide will give you ideas on how to use your school notification system to improve communication with parents, staff, and community members.

School Safety Webinars and Reports

  • 10 Things to Do After a School Crisis
    This best practice guide on crisis response and communications walks you through what to do if a crisis situation forces an early dismissal or evacuation of your school.
  • How to Prevent School Violence
    Featuring Dr. Scott Poland, School Crisis Expert
    Dr. Poland has led crisis response teams in the aftermath of some of the most well-known school shootings and disasters, and he shares his expert knowledge on school violence prevention in this webinar.
  • School Bus Safety
    Featuring Dr. Nancy Blackwelder, School Transporation Expert
    Learn simple student management tools you can implement to improve bus safety and reduce liability risks on school buses.
  • School Lockdown Communications
    Featuring Dr. Gary Niehaus, Superintendent, McLean County USD 5, Illinois
    and Gary L. Sigrist, Jr., School Safety Expert
    Learn how to communicate with parents and community members during a lockdown situation. Hear from a superintendent who experienced an active shooter situation and a former school safety director with 30+ years of experience as an educator and law enforcement officer.
  • Threat Assessment for K-12 Schools
    Featuring Gary L. Sigrist, Jr., School Safety Expert
    Learn how to successfully identify safety threats, differentiate between true threats and idle threats, and respond to threats.
  • Tabletop Exercises for K-12 Schools
    Featuring Gene Komondor, School Safety Expert
    Tabletop exercises for K-12 schools help school administrators plan for emergency situations. Learn more about these exercises by watching this free webinar.
  • Reunification Plans for Schools
    Featuring Gary Sigrist, Jr., School Safety Expert
    Learn how to manage the delicate process of reunifying students and parents after a crisis situation forces the evacuation of your school building.

School Communications Webinars and Reports

  • School Crisis Communications
    Featuring Suzanne Leduc, School Communications Expert
    Learn how to be prepared for a school crisis, create and update key communications in advance, and how to keep everyone informed during a crisis.
  • School PR and Press Relations
    Featuring Sandy Nekoloff, School Communications Expert
    Learn how to build relationships between your school and the press. View this free webinar and get access to our media "do's" and "don'ts" guide.
  • Social Media for Schools
    Featuring Fred Campos, Social Media Expert
    You've set up social media profiles for your what? Learn how to connect with parents and community members and get your messages out effectively on social

School Management Webinars and Reports

  • Improve Attendance
    Featuring Hedy Chang, School Attendance Expert
    Learn how to address chronic early absence and break through barriers that prevent students from having good school attendance.
  • School Conflict Resolution
    Featuring Kathy Mangold and Jill Weisensel, Conflict Resolution Experts
    Conflicts between school personnel, parents, students, and community members can tear a school apart. This webinar on conflict resolution will provide you with tools to address conflicts in your school.
  • Autism Accommodations for Students
    Featuring Kate McDonald, Autism Expert
    Watch this free webinar to learn how to create the best learning and social environment for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their typical peers.
  • Student Health Record Liability Risks
    Featuring Chas Scarantino, Student Health Record Expert
    Schools must ensure that they are following student health record management best practices to avoid liability risks. Learn more by viewing this free webinar.


Webinars and Reports on Bullying Prevention and Related Issues

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  • Bullying and Teen Suicide
    Featuring Tina Meier, Executive Director, Megan Meier Foundation
    and Dr. Scott Poland, School Crisis Expert
    Listen to two noted suicide prevention experts discuss the disturbing trend of bullied and cyberbullied teens turning to suicide. Learn more about bullying and suicide prevention.
  • Reduce Cyberbullying
    Featuring Dr. Beth Brewer, Noted Bullying Researcher
    Learn a 7 step framework for reducing cyberbullying among students based on the latest research.
  • Stan Davis Presentation on Bullying
    Featuring Stan Davis, Renowned Bullying Expert
    Bullying prevention expert Stan Davis presents the results of the Youth Voice Project, a national survey that has identified the most effective youth bullying interventions.
  • Barbara Coloroso Presentation on Bullying
    Featuring Barbara Coloroso, Bestselling Author and Expert
    Bullying prevention expert Barbara Coloroso presents her latest ideas on bystander education and bullying prevention.
  • Implementing an Anonymous Reporting Program
    Featuring Dr. Nicole Yetter, Expert School Counselor
    Learn more about how anonymous reporting can transform your bullying prevention program. View this webinar and companion guide to learn more about implementing and promoting an anonymous reporting program.
  • Teen Cutting and Self-Injury Behaviors
    Featuring Dr. Scott Poland, School Crisis Expert
    Learn more about the underground phenomenon of cutting and self-injury and review ways to help teens who are self-injuring.
  • Teen Depression
    Featuring Dr. Scott Poland, School Crisis Expert
    Learn more about teen depression from leading expert Dr. Scott Poland. Understand the link between depression and suicide and how to prevent suicide in your school.
  • Teen Suicide Prevention
    Featuring Tina Meier, Executive Director, Megan Meier Foundation
    and Dr. Scott Poland, School Crisis Expert
    Two noted experts in the suicide prevention field offer guidelines on how to prevent teen suicide and how to respond if a suicide happens in your school community.


Case Studies


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About the SchoolReach Professional Development Series


Professional Development for K-12 School Principals and AdministratorsThe SchoolReach Professional Development series provides school leaders with opportunities to hear from leading experts on topics such as school safety, school-to-parent communications, bullying prevention, and much more. Attend one of our webinars, download a white paper, or view a case study and get up-to-date information on the most important topics in education today.  You can also view our upcoming event listings at the bottom of the page to see where you can meet the SchoolReach team in person and learn more about school communication.

"Your Professional Development webinars provide the best safe schools information I have ever seen before in the country. They all have substance – real questions with real answers."
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