School Notification

School administrator using the SchoolReach school notification platform.School notification solutions from SchoolReach help schools all over the country take care of important communications. Our web-based platform, smartphone apps, and SIS integration capabilities make us an industry leader.

The SchoolReach school notification platform can handle all of your message broadcast, tracking, and reporting needs. What's more, we have patented processes that allow us to deliver your notifications unlike anyone else. Our technology gives us the ability to balance broadcast volume with local phone switch capacity and bypass voice mail greetings on mobile phones. What this means is that we can deliver your broadcasts quickly and more effectively than any other notification provider.

For more on the robust set of features we offer, see below.

Our School Notification and Alert Capabilities

The power of SchoolReach is found in our phone notification solutions. Our research and customer experience proves that K-12 parents are highly responsive to phone calls from their student's school. A phone call requires no action on the part of the parent, other than answering the call. For same-day or near-term needs, phone alerts are faster and more effective than email or text messaging. However, there is a role for each of these methods, and when used collectively, they create a very powerful school notification program.

Phone Notification Features

  • School administrator and parent mobile apps for Android™ and iPhone®
  • S.A.M: Staff Access Module - Allows teacher and coach-level broadcasting.
  • Message Retrieval Line - A great convenience for parents - toll-free message playback.
  • Message Templates - Quickly launch broadcasts using preformatted messages and lists.
  • EZ Record: Makes recording your voice message easy!
  • Web or Phone Launch - Control broadcasts from regular touchtone, smart phones and PC's.
  • Live vs. Machine Answer Detection - Play different messages for a live or machine answer.
  • Ethnic Language Options - Send messages in the language preference of the recipient.
  • Parent Polls & Survey - Obtain quick feedback from parents, export results for analysis.
  • Message Library - Store frequently used messages for repeated use.
  • Real-Time Reporting - See the progress of broadcasts unfold before your eyes.
  • Timed Launch - Schedule broadcasts up to 1 year in advance.
  • Automatic Retry - Retries busy, unanswered and failed calls.

E-Mail Notification Features

  • Rich-text Editing Toolbar - Create beautiful letters and documents with ease.
  • Five, pre-formatted newsletter templates.
  • HTML editing and import.
  • Mail merge functionality.
  • Image Insert/Links - Add color and graphics to your document.
  • Hyperlink - Offer parents time-saving links to school sites and materials.
  • Document or Audio File Attachment - Go paperless, send and save attachments.
  • Immediate or Scheduled Launch - Send reminders or notes for future events.
  • Editable "From" Field - Send emails on behalf of others, using their "from" address.
  • Archives Messages - Automatically save your sent emails.
  • Export Results - Follow up on "bounced" addresses.

SMS - Text Notification Features

  • Social Media Integration - post text messages to Twitter® and Facebook®.
  • True SMS Text Messaging
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Target parents by grade, class, activity, etc.
  • Standard SMS 160 character maximum