Frequently Asked Questions

You're Not Alone!
Our F.A.Q. section has answers to many of the basic questions that you might be asking. Here are just a few of the questions addressed.

How long does it take to establish service?
Your service can be set up the day you join. However, broadcasts cannot be sent until a calling list is loaded. The List Center utility found under the Member Area on the web site allows users to upload phone numbers manually or by uploading phone numbers from pre-existing files such as text files (.txt, .csv), Excel, or Access. User training is provided over the phone and takes less than an hour. Several interactive user tutorials can also be found under the Help section on the web site.

Do I need to install special hardware or software to use the service?
No. Providing you have basic internet access and a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) and a telephone you have all that is needed to use the service. There is no hardware, software or phone lines to install and broadcasts can be launched from any touch tone phone from anywhere in the world!

Do I need to install extra phone lines for to use the system?

How do I send a broadcast?
Think of this as a 1-2-3 process in the Launch Center:

  1. Highlight your list or lists you wish to broadcast to and click the arrow to send them to the Broadcast Box on the right.
  2. Select the Message from your Message menu for Broadcast. (Note: You may select a DIFFERENT message for Live Answer and Machine Answer if you wish)
  3. Select your Broadcast time. If other than IMMEDIATELY, drop the menu bar down and choose "Schedule a Later Launch", then select time and date if necessary.

You will be directed to the Confirmation Page to review your choices and press Launch!

How do I know the recipients got the message?
We cannot control who answers the phone at a household but we do offer several features to help ensure your message is received.

  • Message Confirmation. A message receipt feature that allows recipients to "press 1" to confirm receipt of a message. This information is reported back under the Call History page which shows call-by-call detail on how each number was answered.
  • Message Repeat. This feature allows recipients to press a key on their phone to replay a message.
  • Multiple Number Entries. The system allows multiple phone numbers to be listed for each record, so to help ensure delivery you could list the cell, home and/or work numbers of the recipients.

ADD * to Repeat and Confirm: * These features as well as Retry can be turned "On" or "Off" in the Clients 'Account Settings' page.

What Caller ID will be sent?
The system is designed to send the main telephone number associated with the user account; however the delivered caller ID can be manipulated and changed under special situations. For more information on caller ID, please speak with your provider. The caller ID to be delivered is set when an account is first established.