School Notification

    Real-Time Reporting

    SchoolReach offers robust real-time reporting of voice, email and text message broadcasts with results available in tabular or graphical format as shown below.

    School broadcast report

    The SchoolReach system notification result reports are always in real-time, so as recipients are answering your calls, your system displays the results instantaneously on your computer screen. These user-friendly reports detail how many calls were answered live, by machine, were busy, went unanswered or failed. Additional details show the start and end time of each broadcast and the timestamp of when each individual call was delivered. Comprehensive reporting is also available on e-mail and text message broadcasts.

    Drill-down reporting features allow users to find records that meet specific criteria. Once you find what you are looking for, exporting the data to your PC is accomplished with just a mouse click.

    Survey Reporting - When using the EZ Poll or EZ Survey features, recipient responses are compiled in special reports that automatically align responses with questions for easy analysis. Most importantly, the data is compiled in real-time so as the parents are taking a survey call, their responses are available for instantaneous viewing on your computer. Survey data is fully exportable for further on-site analysis.