School Notification

    Social Media Integration

    Does your school have a Facebook or Twitter account? Do you wish your automated notification system would let you post directly to those accounts when you send a message?

    Now, with SchoolReach, you can integrate directly with your school's social media outlets! K-12 schools and districts are increasingly turning to social media sites as an additional parent notification method. The new integration offered by SchoolReach creates a single process for posting broadcast messages to Facebook and Twitter.

    When sending a SchoolReach message using our texting feature, you can choose to post it to social media outlets. Administrators are able to simultaneously post outgoing messages to Facebook and/or Twitter with ease.

    Importantly, our solution is not an all or nothing proposition. School leaders can choose whether or not to post to Facebook or Twitter on a message by message basis. This keeps administration in control of communications about their school or district.

    Wherever parents are: online, on Facebook, on Twitter, at home, at work or anywhere in between, schools can reach them with SchoolReach!