Thousands of schools across every U.S. state use a SchoolReach solution to address their most challenging school communications. Our school notification platform, mobile apps, and anonymous bully reporting solution help schools achieve their school-to-home communications goals every day.

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School Notification

Schools have been trusting the SchoolReach notification platform with their important parent communications for more than 11 years. Learn more about our voice, text, e-mail, and social media notification solutions.


Mobile Apps

Our suite of mobile app solutions help schools communicate with parents, engage their learning communities, and manage student bullying reports. Learn more.


Emergency Alerts

SchoolReach is a leader in school safety communications. Learn more about our ability to reach parents when a crisis or emergency hits your school.


Attendance Calls

Keeping attendance high helps schools maintain state funding and keep students engaged. Use our attendance notification solution to let parents know about unexcused student absences.


Lunch Balance Alerts

Keep your school lunch program in the black while saving staff time. Automate your low lunch balance notices with SchoolReach and reduce your unpaid lunch balances.


Parent Surveys

Voice-call parent surveys are the quickest way to get parent feedback. Use SchoolReach to set up your next parent survey and watch engagement levels rise.


Bus Route Notification

Stop spending money on paper, printing, and mailing costs! Notify parents and students about their bus routes with our bus route notification service.