Reliable Mass Notification from SchoolReach


Who We Are

SchoolReach delivers reliable mass notification services to thousands of K-12 schools across America. For more than 11 years, school leaders in every U.S. state have trusted SchoolReach to get their most important and time-sensitive messages to parents. Whether you need to send voice, text, e-mail, or social media notifications, SchoolReach can help.

Why We're Reliable

SchoolReach has successfully delivered more than half a billion individual voice, e-mail, text, and social media messages; more than 5 million message broadcasts have been sent through our system. How did we do it? By using our patented, one-of-a-kind technology and building a superior message broadcasting infrastructure.

So many notification providers cut corners on technology and support, and then they can't send or deliver messages effectively when it counts. SchoolReach spends the resources necessary to get your important messages delivered, and our St. Louis based team is there to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

10 Reasons to Trust SchoolReach

Industry-leading technology, rich features, and superior customer support are the building blocks of our service, and there's much more to love, too! Click on the points below to see why SchoolReach is a reliable mass notification system.

Patented Load Balancing

It's not about making's about delivering calls. SchoolReach employs a patented process developed by our telephony engineers that balances outbound broadcasts with the local telephone network capacity. This process ensures the highest first-pass delivery rate in our industry, meaning more parents receive your messages on the very first attempt. It's revolutionary, and only available from SchoolReach.

Patented Automatic Cell Phone Identification

More than 33% of US households now only have a wireless phone as the main home phone. This means when parents are giving you their "home number," in many cases they are giving you a cell phone number. The SchoolReach system automatically scans your lists and identifies which numbers are wireless and appends the appropriate carrier identity. This process allows our system to bypass lengthy cellular voice mail greetings, depositing your message accurately for play back. This process also allows for easy text messaging to parents.

Industry-Leading Customer Service

SchoolReach walks the walk on customer service while other notification providers just talk. We NEVER outsource our customer service to overseas providers, and we don't force you to get service on our schedule. Our St. Louis based customer service team is available to assist you day and night, 365 days a year. Just call us at 1-800-420-1479 or e-mail us with your questions or concerns. We're here to help!

We Own What We Deliver

Unlike other providers, SchoolReach owns and operates the entire process by which your important calls and messages are delivered. We do not outsource call processing or any aspect of the notification process. What you touch and see is owned and controlled by SchoolReach. This gives us greater control over the quality of what we deliver and makes us the most reliable mass notification provider on the market.

No VoIP Processing

Many of our competitors use "VoIP," or Voice over Internet Protocol, as a method of sending broadcast calls because it's cheaper to do so. Because we want to be the most reliable provider on the market, SchoolReach uses the highest quality phone service available. We harness thousands of ISDN, or traditional phone circuits, spread across 4 geographically diverse switching centers to facilitate client broadcasts. ISDN phone circuits are permanent for the duration of each broadcast call. This means optimum sound clarity, accurate answer detection and reporting, and the ability to deliver in-call features like extension dialing, menus, and voice response options. We use the highest quality phone service because important school communications demand it!

No Prioritization Decisions

With SchoolReach, there is no need to categorize your broadcasts as emergency, cancellation, or general announcements. An administrator's life is stressful enough without making such decisions at 5 AM. The SchoolReach system processes all calls with the same high-speed priority, ensuring that your PTA meeting reminder reaches parents as fast as your snow day cancellation.

Main School Number as Caller-ID

SchoolReach always delivers the school main phone number as the Caller-ID on phone broadcasts. We do not send fictitious or centralized Caller-ID's. Sending any phone number other than the school's main phone number serves to confuse parents. The Caller-ID carried by your broadcast starts the communication process with parents; when they see the school phone number they know the call is important and will answer it immediately.

Simple SIS Integration and Data Importation

SchoolReach offers several levels of data importation ranging from individual record entry to "browse & upload" tools to fully automated data importation. EZ Data Sync is our flagship integration tool and is designed to work with most SIS systems, including SIF Compliant systems, while providing seamless, automatic data importation.

SchoolReach App for Administrators

Sometimes, you just can't get to the school building to send a SchoolReach message; power outages, natural disasters, severe storms, lockdowns, and other events can all keep you away from the school. That's why we created the SchoolReach mobile app for school administrators. From your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can easily send a school closing or emergency message via voice, text, and/or e-mail and instantly see the results of your broadcast. Our clients love the flexibility that the SchoolReach mobile app provides, and you will, too!

SR Parents™ App

With the SchoolReach Parents™ App, you get the best of both worlds - an easy method for parents to keep their information current and the integrity of regular automated updates with your student information system. Your families will have quick control over contact information and voice/email and text preferences right in the palm of their hands. They will no longer have to call the school to ensure the replication of changes in your student database. Our unique process ensures that every change comes directly from the parents. School officials are immediately notified of every change and you don't have to sacrifice the integration between your database and your mass notification system.

More About Mass Notification from SchoolReach

SchoolReach is a web-based service, or "hosted" solution, that requires no on-site hardware or access to school phone lines for function. Easy-to-use web tools allow school administrators to create and edit messages easily; create and manage parent, staff and faculty contact lists; get instant results on message delivery; and view robust delivery reports. Here are just a few of the many uses for SchoolReach:

  • School Cancellations
  • Emergency Notification
  • General Announcements
  • Absentee Notifications
  • Lunch Balance Notifications
  • Parent Polls and Surveys
  • Bus Route Change Notifications

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